I grew up wanting to be a wildlife photographer but life got in the way and took me on a different road.
     The photo of myself and my son was taken with a digital camera I borrowed for an event. It was the first time I had used a digital camera and I fell in love with it. That camera led me back into photography. So now, I shoot what I love; horses and the western way of life. 

     I am not only a photographer but I am also an author.  The Tagger Herd Series took over my life in 2013 and I have enjoyed every moment with the herds: both horse and human.  I also use my photography on the front cover of each book.  
     I have also released a stand-alone book "Hoofbeats in the Wind" and am working on the next "Coffee with Cowboys".
Bringing characters to life is a very unique experience. I have been in numerous conversations about the different characters in the books as if they were real people.  (In my head they are!)
     I have been around horses all my life; Shetland ponies when I was young and purchased my first "big" horse when I was 21, and she was 21 at the time. When I bought her in Alaska, Nan was pregnant with my horse of 25 years, Jetta. She passed away but I enjoy her daughter and granddaughter (Libby and Kit).  I wrote them both into The Tagger Herd series which is based in Lewiston.  Many of the surrounding towns are in it too.  I also use my photography on the front cover of each book.  


My passion is for writing and photography and I hope you enjoy my website. 

Thank you and please contact me if you have any questions.